Sunday, December 20, 2009

*** friends ***

I spent the weekend with two wonderful women and couldn't have asked for a more uplifting and wonderful time. Not only did we visit such sites as the original Bedford Falls and a castle overlooking Seneca Lake, but most important we enjoyed each other's company over cups of coffee, while eating sugar cookies, and walking through the brisk winter air of Western New York. This experience reminded me of the importance of good people in one's life. These people must encourage, but also challenge. They must respect each other and know when to make fun. They must be willing to ask the tough questions and the silly ones. I've come to realize that I need these people in my life to live better. The following posts will record the moments of awe, the recipes or books I've loved, and the experiences that leave me laughing or crying. Thanks for reading.


Allison said...

Perfect. I teared up a bit.

Sarah Meyer said...

Hey Mandy!! Soooo wish I could have been there. I cant wait though to find out more about what you are learning via blog. Love you.

Sarah Butler said...

i just read this again... missing you and so thankful for our time together!!!