Friday, March 12, 2010

So recently I've been feeling quite bad about my lack of blogging, especially when certain friends are madly producing post after post, so I will rectify the situation with two, you heard it TWO, posts in one day.

You just saw pics of the kitty, so cute. I also need to update you on my recent literary activities. You would think that a girl who has two jobs and goes to school full-time would not have the time to read books for pleasure. And perhaps you are right. However, I've gone against all odds and devoured some pretty tasty reads over the last few months. I'll let you know if that was a good idea once second semester is over.

First up, Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann. I picked this novel up at the Chicago O'Hare airport whilst experiencing delay after delay after delay. (Yes, I did use the word "whilst." I have a cousin who is english and love whenever he uses it, whilst) This book offered, for me, a glimpse into the world of beautifully written language. I was always amazed at how the author put together certain thoughts and ideas in the most deep and provocative ways. I was constantly turning to my husband and sharing these juicy morsels. Enough with these insignificant writing details though, this book was an incredible testament to the human condition. It followed a vast array of characters on the streets of New York who all in some way or another were tied in with a single tight-rope walker, a real man by the name of the Philippe Petit. This stunt-man ran a wire from one skyscraper to another (The Twin Towers) in the middle of Manhattan and echoes of his bravery, stupidity, flawlessness, and disrespect rang from one character's mouth to another. The book weaves in and out of the lives of a judge, a priest, a mourning mother, drug addicts, and a young woman weighed down by guilt. I appreciated the deep and conflicting emotions that McCann integrated into his characters and could very well empathize and relate with them. If you live in New York, love you some good writing, or just crave some connections, read it!

I'll be posting a few more of these great reads in the coming days. Recommend if you have any books you loved!

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