Monday, January 25, 2010


Dear reader,
I apologize for my absence. Second semester and work consumed my life over the last two weeks and unfortunately that took precedence. Unfortunately the excitement of heading back to class tops my list of creative pursuits and exciting activities. Therefore, in an attempt to reconnect, I will write about the illusory and unpredictable topic of feelings.

There was once a period in my life where I felt as dry as a desert. I had not cried for months. I did not often get angry. In fact, I actually prayed that God would make me FEEL more. Perhaps it was God answering back, but the flood gates opened, the storms raged and weekly crying sessions are now commonplace. Some of you may hear this and think wow, that's too often, she needs to see someone. Others may relate. Even others may question the worth of feelings, I mean, all they ever do is give you an irrational perspective on a completely rational situation...

However, I would have to disagree and state that feelings are yes, often very irrational, but feelings allow us to claim ourselves. We gain perspective on who we are and what our priorities may be. We deepen our connections with others. We place a lot on the line, but come out way ahead. There was a time, and I often fight against this tendency still, when I would push away my feelings, feel ashamed to claim them as my own, and internalize just a little more anger or sadness. But recently I've learned to own the anger and face the sadness, feel the hurt and take pride in myself and what I feel.

So I encourage you, if you feel sad or depressed, CRY, and then continue on with your day.

If you are angry, be angry, yell and scream in the car or punch your pillow. Feel ANGRY without hurting others in the process.

If you feel joyful, dance around the house naked to your favorite song, call up someone who will encourage your JOY.
These feelings do not adequately express the range of emotions we as humans feel throughout our days. But you get the picture. We must...I must love myself enough that I treasure, respect and listen to what I feel, even when I don't necessarily want to feel it!

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