Thursday, March 25, 2010


I think I'm turning a new leaf in the blogging world. I feel that this is a good venue for me to rant. I may not go all pessimistic and talk about all of the things that bother me about this world, but my guess is I could get close to it. I'll try and intersperse with some raving accolades.

Let me draw your attention to the picture above. "I Shop Therefore I Am." What the hell has our country come to? I'm guessing that this is a satirical punch at our consumeristic culture, but it does make a good point. I get so frustrated at all of the shallow and hopeless attempts of our culture to find wholeness. But it's so easy, especially when we live in the United States of America. We are inundated with messages, be thin, be athletic, be pretty, be fashionable, be hip, be ___. The noise is so loud that no one even recognizes it anymore.

So we listen and we listen and we change and mold ourselves to what the noise calls us to be. In fact, we love the noise. It's much easier to sit in the noise than in the silence right. I mean, silence is hard. Sitting in silence with just me myself and i used to be so difficult. I would look for things to distract me, I didn't want to be with me of all people. I was afraid of what the silence would show me so I let the noise filter in, cover it all up, and again muddle my sense of self.

But we need to wake up! We have to confront the silence and in the silence our true selves because without this moment of confrontation we are just adding to the insane amount of noise. I wonder if somehow all of the depression, addictions, obesity, anger, etc. are somehow related to our inability to just be. Silence. Me. Instead we load on the noise and we lose ourselves in the process and we forget what it is like to be a whole person so we look to other things. We get addicted to something that makes us feel whole again. Or we feel depressed because we forget what it's like to feel whole but we lack the courage to jump into that black hole of wholeness, of silence, of self.

Sometimes all I want to do is move to a deserted island and just be with me. Let God speak to me and soak myself up for once. Hello silence!


SANKOKAY said...

You were getting into something... not sure if god fits at this point.

BostonBabe said...

I agree whole heartly... But I also would like to say that sitting with the silence is not easy sometimes. Because the silence is often time filled with our own self deprecation, anger, guilt, etc., we do not know how to love ourselves and just let go. That is why things like addictions can be a vicious cycle of shame and guilt in which our addictions add to the shame, but are also the "only" means of protecting ourselves from the guilt or anger. The key is forgiveness and self love. The connection to God is when we believe that God made us perfect and we do not need to reach out to outside ourselves for fulfillment. God is in the silence if we allow her in. God is just another word for pure love. Sometimes we need that label of "God" to understand pure love, but it is there whether we label it or not. It's just up to us to be able to recognize it in the silence. Just my two cents.